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About Us


Who are we?

We are a virtual ESL school, registered in Ontario, Canada. We use a virtual learning solution, which provides all the necessary tools to practice all four skills. Upon enrolment in the programs, the students receive an Individualized Learning Plan- ILP and their schedules. Our class sizes are small – only 5 students per class. This enables teachers to familiarize themselves with their students’ strengths and weaknesses in depth.

Our mission

We work to enhance our students’ language using abilities and ensure sustainable results by transforming in-classroom practices into online classroom practices. Our mission is to help students achieve significant results in their acquisition of the English language from the comfort of their home. We want to break the boundaries of time shortage, different time zones, and geographical location, because –

How long have we been doing this?

We have been in the ESL field for over a decade in North America, Europe, and Asia. English is a GLOBAL language and we operate on global markets. We follow North American teaching standards and ESL benchmarks. Our student population is diverse.

What are our goals?

We aim to provide our students with native like proficiency in English to enable them to pursue their future goals. We realize that learning a language presents a financial burden to most parents. Our goal is to provide our students with the necessary English skills from the comfort of their home, using a very modern virtual environment and affordable prices.


Our vision

While using the cutting edge information technologies and the most successful and modern methods of language learning, we will provide you with the most appropriate way of teaching based on your needs.

Who are our teachers?

We are avid supporters of professional development. We organize teaching training seminars and workshops every month. Our teachers have an MA in English language teaching as well as additional TEFL, TESOL, and CELTA certifications.

What makes us different?

Attending our school is beneficial for both parents and students. It gives parents the opportunity to bypass the financial difficulties most parents face when sending their children abroad to study a foreign language, and personally monitor their children’s proficiency progress. It gives students to ability to socialize with their peers from all over the world, and experience motivating and modern lectures, from the comfort of their home. Anyone can attend, regardless of the geographical location or time zone.

How it works?

Our virtual classroom doesn’t require installation.

It is a simple virtual classroom. All you need is the following:

High-speed Internet connection

A camera


A WILL to learn!!!

Go Green

We firmly support GONIG PAPERLESS, and we try to save our environment. All of our materials are uploaded into the solution and we don’t waste paper. The less paper is used, the fewer trees are destroyed. We have one planet and we must preserve it.