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Our academy offers a variety of programs for everyone. You simply need to choose the best option that suits YOUR needs. Browse through our programs to see which program fits your needs the best: acquisition of special skills, test preparation, language for specific or academic purposes, tutoring, or translation services.

We offer a 3-month regular program, a 6-month semi-intensive program, and a 9-month intensive program. Upon successful completion of the 3-month and 6-month programs the students obtain a CERTIFICATE. Upon successful completion of 9-month program the students obtain a DIPLOMA.

The University Preparation provides international students the opportunity to acquire skills to achieve their academic goals. It gives students a chance to familiarize themselves with North American, (US and Canadian) British or Australian culture and traditions, academic English skills, acquire college survival skills, as well as achieve their freshmen goals.

The English for Specific Purposes program is designed for prospective students who intend to use English professionally, in their careers.

The Phone English program is our latest addition. It is conversation English. It enables shy students to participate in English classes, simply by using the phone, enjoying conversations with native speakers on different topics.

Our programs

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Our programs

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English for Specific Purposes

English for Academic Purposes

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Phone English

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